headshot yayHello there! I’m Sam Beasley, a full service custom portraiture photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. I specialize in first breaths: births and newborns. I really enjoy creating and preserving precious memories through beautiful portraiture, for myself and for my clients.
I’ve always loved photos and photography, even as a child. I loved being able to look into the past and see people who were long gone that I’d never be able to see for myself. I was amazed at how a moment could be captured and preserved forever on a piece of paper. As I grew older, I became interested in creating those moments and memories for myself. I had two children and I realized how quickly they grow and change. I couldn’t stop time, try as I might, but I could capture my moments with them and keep them forever. I know that one day my memories will become hazy and the details will begin to fade, but I’ll be able to look into the past with complete clarity through a photograph, just as I always have.
When you book with me, you will be receiving high quality, heirloom photos to be kept and enjoyed for generations. You too will be able to look into the past and enjoy a moment that is long forgotten. I can’t wait to document and create these images for your family!