Digital Images vs. Prints and Albums

“Why would anyone want to buy prints, canvases, or albums through their photographer when we can get the digitals and get them printed ourselves for much cheaper?” This is a question I received from a potential client recently. It’s a good question! My prints aren’t cheap, and neither are other photographer’s if they are running a profitable business. So why bother paying so much when you can do it yourself? Seems like a no brainer, right?

Which would you prefer?

Which would you prefer?

I did a survey of all my past clients. They all talked about how much they loved their images, so much that they had to have every single one in digital format. Most of them didn’t buy any prints through me at all, saying that they could just do it themselves. It’s been anywhere from a few months to a few years since they received their images from me. They have had plenty of time to get them printed for the wall or for an album, but guess what? Not a single one actually followed through. Those images they loved so dearly died in a drawer,  never breathing life or being loved on their walls.

Not only that, but technology changes so fast. Most people don’t have disk drives in their computers anymore and USBs are on the way out. If you got your images in one of those ways and then never got them printed, what will you do in 10 or 20 years when that technology is gone? You won’t be able to see your beloved images at all! But prints and albums are truly timeless. You can still see prints from the 1800s in museums or perhaps you are lucky enough to own one yourself. In 100 years, will your family be able to look back and see your images or will they be long gone? Your images want to be adored, they want to live on your walls and in albums. Albums are your family’s story book, your own personal history book. Don’t let your images be forgotten and left behind. Get them printed so that you can truly enjoy them for generations to come!

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