Why you need a birth photographer

Your child’s birth is one of the most emotional and momentous occasions in your life. Birth photography is beautiful. It’s not something gross or distasteful. It’s Dad supporting Mom during labor. It’s baby’s first breath. It’s the parent’s first look at their tiny new creation. It’s the pain and the joy. It’s the tiny hands and feet that are only this small for a little while. It is so much more than the actual moment of birth. It’s a journey that I capture for you.

Many dads photograph their child’s birth, but having it professionally documented allows Dad to relax, support Mom when she needs it, and be in the moment. Imagine being able to see, over and over, the way your husband looks at you in awe and love during your labor and when he meets your baby for the first time, even after it’s faded from your memory.

Memories fade so quickly, unfortunately, especially in the haze of labor, birth, and the emotional rush you feel in the hours afterward. I do my best to capture all the little details that you might otherwise forget.  A hand on Mom’s back, a quick kiss, the light in the room, the environment. It can be difficult to remember the birth the next day, let alone a year or several years later. Having a professional photographer present allows everyone to relax knowing that all their memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

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